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       Our job is to collect consigned merchandise, advertise to attract buyers, conduct a lively, spirited auction, sell the merchandise and remit the proceeds to the seller.  We do this for many different customers and for many different reasons.  Some of those reasons include estate settlements, moving, downsizing, change in business operations and liquidations.  Our fee for conducting an auction is our commission.  

Kildow's current rate card (#3, dated 1/1/02):

Gross Receipts Under $100,000:    

First $10,000   20%
Every $10,000 thereafter      15%

Gross Receipts Over $100,000:

Non Fine Art Items      10%
Fine Art 


      Fees are based on a set up charge that includes expenses (typically advertising, facility rental charges and set up labor).  We remit to the seller 10 business days after final gavel.    

    We also move furniture in the Denver Metropolitan Area.  We primarily provide this service for customers who ask us to move antique furniture from one location to another.  We charge $35 per trip to roll our van and $15 per man per hour (two hour minimum).    



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