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Charity Auctions

    From the smallest scout troop to the largest symphony, many organizations find auctions a fun way to raise money.  Kildow auctioneers are often called upon to help with charity events for civic, charitable and not for profit organizations.  

    We use these considerations when asked to participate in a charity auction:  

bulletWe require a copy of the determination letter for your US IRS 501C-1 or C-3 status.
bulletTalent fees are negotiable, depending on the amount of time and travel involved.  Please call us to discuss:  303-922-4175.      
bulletWe require the use of our logo and certain text in the event program.  
bulletNeed some coaching?  We're happy to help.  We'll provide any level of service up to and including conducting the event.  Our fee is our commission.  E-mail us for more information.

Some of our favorite charities:  

bulletDenver Botanic Gardens
bulletBoulder Food Share
bulletColorado Symphony Orchestra
bulletNational Repertory Orchestra, Breckenridge
bulletAmerican Society of Women Accountants
bulletHome Builders Foundation of Metro Denver

Kildow Auctioneers began raising money for civic, charitable and not-for-profit organizations in 1994.  We quit counting our total contribution when we reached the $1M mark in 2007.  Regardless of the size of your event, we are always interested in how we can help.  Please give us a call to discuss your needs:  303-922-4175.

Update, 12/2008:  we are on our way to $2M!



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