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Auction & Super Sale

    From 2004 - 2007, Kildow Auction produced a benefit auction for the Home Builder's Foundation of Metro Denver.  The auction was the idea of the Remodelors Council of Metro Denver (part of the Home Builder's Association of Metro Denver).  Tom Thompson and various Council members had an annual garage sale to benefit the Foundation.  The garage sale grew into the auction.

    The concept was simple:  members of the HBA donated materials to the auction, and we sold them with the proceeds going to the Foundation.  Members of the Remodelors Council donated the labor, which kept our costs down.  Our mission when we started was to increase the Foundation's endowment by $100,000.  We did just under that in the four years that we did the auction.  From windows to doors to you name it, we sold it at these auctions.  The first year someone donated a custom made brass address plate that said "3342."  Every year when Scott started the auction, he would hold up the plate and ask who lived at "3342."  We never got a taker - the plate still sits in our office.   

    The 2004 Auction was chaired by Juanita (Mize) McConkey.  The 2005 auction was chaired by Erik Listou.  Both auctions were at the Boise Cascade facility in North Denver.  

    The 2006 Auction was chaired by David Ades.  It was held at Frank Elliott Sr.'s big green and white tent on South Santa Fe Drive.  The 2004, 2005 & 2006 auctions were all held on the first Saturday in October.    

    The 2007 Auction was chaired by Jeanne Dole.  The auction was held at The Closet Factory in Centennial.  In 2007 the auction date was changed to the first Saturday in May.  This was done to accommodate "fix and flip" customers who were buying building materials at the start of the remodeling season.        

    We worked with some super volunteers on all four events.  Tom Thompson, Erik Listou, Dave Mathews, Juanita (Mize) Mc Conkey, John Mize & Ralph Silva are just a few of our favorite people.  Mike Boggs made the Boise Cascade experience wonderful.  Cindy Hoover was our Foundation contact; Jo Brogus was the paid staff member from the HBA that kept us sane (er--well, mostly!)  Our thanks to everyone for a wonderful experience.  

    Because this was such a successful fundraising concept, we are leaving some of the history of the events on our website (links below).  If you try this for an organization in your area, feel free to call us with your questions. 

    The Home Builders Foundation of Metro Denver provides assistance to disabled individuals and families across the Front Range, primarily with accessibility issues.  Learn more about the Home Builders Foundation at www.hbfdenver.org.

2004 Thank You

2006 Sale Bill & Inventory (all of it!  Jo Brogus did a wonderful job)

2007 Sale Bill



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